The Value of a Certificate in Digital Marketing

The Value of a Certificate in Digital Marketing

Getting a marketing certification may help you get a higher paying job or move up the corporate ladder, but there are many other advantages to investing in your professional development as well. Some of the best reasons to get a certification in digital marketing are outlined below.

1. Specializing in a Marketing Niche

The marketer’s enemy is the “jack of all trades, master of none” mentality. If you want to break into marketing or advance in your current role, take the advice of any seasoned professional: specialise.

To become an expert in every single marketing function would be impossible. Certifications are helpful because they are both broad enough to show you the big picture of how the skill fits into a larger marketing strategy and detailed enough to show you how to implement the skill in your day-to-day work.

2. Communicating Advanced Marketing Concepts

You need to sound like a professional marketer whether you are interviewing for a marketing position or presenting to a client. You can try to bluff your way to success, but that’s not what I recommend. There is a limit to how long you can get away with using shibboleths to cover up your lack of experience.

Taking a certification course is a great way to learn the language of marketing and gain a deeper understanding of its concepts. Even better, you’ll be able to explain complex ideas clearly and convincingly without resorting to either extreme, which can damage your credibility.

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3. Building Your Resume

In the end, your resume will always be viewed before your actual presence. Your resume and portfolio will be reviewed before any interview or client meeting to ensure your qualifications. One surefire way to get your resume noticed by both machines and humans is to include any marketing certifications you may have earned. A certificate can be a useful stepping stone to an interview, even if you have years of experience in the field already.

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