Some Of the Greatest Life Hacks of All Time We Use

Some Of the Greatest Life Hacks of All Time We Use

To be completely forthright, I’ve given a lot of thought to the type of wellness-related topics we want to cover on The Everygirl; specifically, what types of topics actually aid in people’s health? Perhaps the everyday, no-cost advice that alters your way of thinking or how you go about your daily routine and ultimately transforms your outlook on life is more important than the most recent foods, trends, and supplements.

So, I figured I’d spill the beans on the most effective, game-changing, and profound (even if basic) life hacks I’ve come across. Think of this list as your modern-day fairy godmother; it has the power to completely alter your life for the better.

1. Release your shoulders, unhinge your jaw, and take some deep breaths when you feel stress.

2. Make your password your favourite affirmation so you have to repeat it whenever you log in.

3. Asking questions of others rather than making proclamations about yourself is the key to gaining the esteem of anyone.

4. Put some tape over your mouth tonight. You may feel energised, but your appearance may be off

5. finish that ice cream cone. Or that [insert favourite food here] pastry, pasta dish, or whatever else you can think of. Eat mindfully, not out of fear, and savour every morsel of your life.

6. Fall asleep thinking about all the things that went right that day.

7, spend more time in direct contact with Mother Nature by doing things like going for barefoot walks on the beach, swimming in the ocean, hugging a tree, or lying in the grass (this is called “earthing,” and it’s scientific as hell; google it).

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8. silence your phone’s alerts. Take back control by only responding to messages or clicking on apps when you want to, rather than when your phone tells you to. This applies to all types of notifications, including emails, iMessages, calls, DMs, etc.

9. Managing your first 30 minutes of the day will set the tone for the rest of the day.10.

10. Get better at being nice by practising it regularly. That is the single most effective, yet underappreciated, life hack there is.

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